Upcoming Performances & Competitions


August 18th             Shakespeare in the Park    7:00pm

August 25th             Heritage Days - Hannah City   12:00pm

October 28th           PAPAS Lip Sync Battle Scholarship Fundraiser

December 19th       PAPAS Madrigal Dinner

December 20th      PAPAS Madrigal Dinner

January 26th          Fishers Competition (Indianapolis - Soundwave)

February 1st           Midwest Classic (Danville - Vocal Velocity)


February 8th/9th  Manteo Main Event (Soundwave & Vocal Velocity)

February 15th         El Paso - Gridley Show Choir Showdown (Vocal Velocity)

February  16th        Clash of the Sequins (Naperville - Soundwave) 

March 1st/2nd        Glenwood's The Event (Chatham - Soundwave & Vocal Velocity)

March 9th               Showcase of Excellent  (Quincy - Soundwave & Vocal Velocity)

March 15th/16th      Elite Energy Premier Choice (Decatur - Soundwave & Vocal Velocity)

March 21st - 23rd    Show Choir Nationals (Nashville, TN - Soundwave)